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  • Jake's Seasoning is About to Break The Internet

    Hello old friends and new! 

    Jake's Seasoning has come a long way since Jake originally crafted his unique blend for friends and family back in the 90's.  We've gone through a lot of changes since then.  We've grown a lot, learned a lot and have made some amazing friends along the way.  We've also gone through a couple of brand redesigns since then as well...[read more]
  • Why Choose Jake's Seasoning

    Jake’s Seasoning enhances the taste and quality of any food you’re eating.  It turns regular food into outstanding food. Food whose taste you will crave again and again. [read more...]
  • Why did you drop "Steak" from the name?

    At the time, I had originally created Jake’s as the perfect steak seasoning because I ate a lot of steak.  But little did I know that it would spread like wildfire and people would use it not just as the best way to season steak but on all kind of meats. What really caught me by surprise is when people would write us and call us and tell us how they were using it to season lots of other foods like chicken and seafood and as a topping for pizza, french fries and salads.  Some were even crazy enough to put our seasoning on ice cream and popcorn...[read more]