Why Choose Jake's Seasoning

Jake's Seasoning Cheese Burger

Jake’s Seasoning enhances the taste and quality of any food you’re eating.  It turns regular food into outstanding food. Food whose taste you will crave again and again.

Not to take anything away from those of you have an amazing recipe for food that you wouldn’t want to change for the world. I completely respect that. If you have a dish that is already the greatest, leave it alone.  But if you don’t have a dish that’s the greatest you’ve ever tasted then by all means put Jake’s Seasoning on everything.  Jake’s adds “Umami”... that *deliciousness* we naturally crave.  It will make every meal better and, I hope, the greatest you’ve ever tasted. That’s our goal and desire.

Here’s a popular short list of how our current customers love using Jake’s Seasoning:

  • An easy steak seasoning or marinade for any type or cut of beef
  • On grilled pork chops
  • As a substitute for salt and pepper on baked pork tenderloin
  • The best way to season burger patties
  • As a chicken wing seasoning
  • Seasoning grilled or baked fish and shrimp
  • As a topping for french fries, baked potatoes or baked potato wedges
  • As a topping for pizza
  • As a main ingredient and topping for baked chicken and rice dishes
  • As a topping for grilled vegetables

There’s a lot of people who are either crazier or smarter than me and have tried it on ice cream and loved it . But personally, I will tell you to definitely try it on zucchini, broccoli, other vegetables, fish, salads, other meats…and anything you can think of, really.  Fire away! I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great it tastes.

Jake’s is a seasoning that belongs on all food.

Have a great day,


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