Jake originally created his seasoning as a way to enhance the flavor of his steaks.  Over the years, the overwhelming response from family, friends and customers was that Jake's steak seasoning had a flavor profile that made just about everything taste better. 

Jake was told repeatedly  that his seasoning not only enhanced the flavor of food but made the cooking experience easier and more rewarding by consistently delivering amazing taste.   Cooks, both on the grill and in the kitchen, love the seasoning because it provides a simple solution to adding exceptional flavor to any meal.  But the real winners are those who get to enjoy the end result - food that not only tastes incredible but becomes the center of  attention as a result.

Today, people use Jake's Seasoning on almost everything - from beef, chicken and pork to fish, salads, french fries and even popcorn.   Jake spent over a decade perfecting his seasoning and is both flattered and humbled by how many people get to enjoy his flavorful creation.  


Spread happiness to individuals and families across America by providing nothing short of the best tasting seasoning to enhance the flavor and enjoyment of all their meals.  

Jake's Seasoning Creates Happier People


happier people and families as they come together to enjoy the taste of a great meal.

Jake's Seasoning Provides Trustworthy Products


only the most trustworthy products and service. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Jake's Seasoning Practices Love and Abundance


love, appreciation and abundance for everyone that touches Jake's - from production to consumption.

Jake's Seasoning Encourages Enjoyment of Life


each other to enjoy all aspects of life, both on and off the job.

Jake's Seasoning Honors commitment


our commitment to leaving this world a happier place for everyone.

Jake's Seasoning Celebrates Better Tasting Food


create and be true to the joy of better tasting food.


At Jake's, it's important to all of us that we take care of our families, our communities and our planet - which is why we donate a portion of all our profits to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Doctors Without Borders and Conservation International.

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