Why did you drop "Steak" from the name?

At the time, I had originally created Jake’s as the perfect steak seasoning because I ate a lot of steak.  But little did I know that it would spread like wildfire and people would use it not just as the best way to season steak but on all kinds of meats. What really caught me by surprise is when people would write or call and tell us how they were using Jake's to season lots of other foods like chicken and seafood and as a topping for pizza, french fries and salads.  Some were even crazy enough to put Jake's seasoning on ice cream and popcorn.

I have to tell you I was amazed.  Not at the fact that the great taste of Jake’s Steak Seasoning translated to other foods but that I never even thought to use it on anything else.  I guess you could say when I created my seasoning, I wasn’t really thinking of marketing it. I was just thinking about enjoying it and wanted my friends and family to have the same great pleasure and taste that I had created in my kitchen. I knew how happy it made me and I wanted to make them happy as well.

Jakes Original Label When He Sent It Out As a gift

[This is the Jake's original label on the bottle when Jake used to send his steak seasoning to his family and friends as a gift.]

We have been delighted and flattered over the years that people use Jake’s on all sorts of meals; how they come up with recipes and tell us how they put it on and in everything. So, we decided to make it a little easier for everybody to understand that Jake’s is great on practically everything!  I hope that you’ll try it on new foods as well as all of your favorites.

Please write us or post something and let us know the new things that you’ve tried it on and how it tastes!

Have a great day,


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