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Like Having A Steakhouse
In Your Backyard.

Take your grilling game to the next level by adding Jake's Seasoning to any type or cut of meat. Make your meats taste like they came from a high-end steakhouse without the ridiculously high cost.

Creating your own seasonings is great when you have the time but every backyard grillmaster needs to have a go-to seasoning that can go on anything and be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Jake's is great for anyone who truly loves meat. Give Jake's a try, risk-free, and your friends will soon be begging for invitations to your table.

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Facebook Reviews

"Jake’s Seasoning has been great on burgers and chicken wings. My wife just got an instant pot so I decided to try it on pulled pork. Best sandwiches ever! Can’t wait for future releases."

- Alan B., Las Vegas

I love using Jakes Seasoning. I’ve used it so far on Salmon, Chicken and Steaks. Can’t wait to try it on a few other things. Love the flavor it gives and definitely recommend it for anyone looking to try something new and different."

- Amit M., Thousand Oaks

One word to describe Jake’s Seasoning... “umami!”
It transforms any protein into a complete palate pleasing flavor that you can’t get from ordinary, off the shelf seasonings. It even enhances the flavor of veggies. I like to pan fry brussel sprouts golden grown, with pancetta and a few dashes of Jakes.

- Samir C., Boca Raton

"This seasoning is top notch. Took my braised ribs to the next level. In Jake's Seasoning We Trust!"

- Eric L., New York

Get More Flavor Without More Work.


We did the hard work so you don't have to. We spent over a decade crafting this savory blend of herbs and spices to give you the power to make incredible meals - the same you'd expect from a high-end steakhouse.

Apply Jake's to creatively add flavor to steaks, ribs, chicken, pork and seafood. You can even sprinkle on Jake's as a flavorful topping to pizza, pasta, eggs and even salad.

Add Jake's Seasoning to anything you want to make simply delicious.

Creating flavorful food shouldn't be difficult or intimidating. Whether you're cooking for family and friends, tailgating or just making a quick and easy dinner, use Jake's to confidently make anything taste amazing.

Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, Gluten Free

Produced and Bottled in the U.S.A.

4.6 oz. Bottles


See what others are making with Jake's.

Jake's is the best tasting seasoning you'll ever try. It's a bold claim but our hundreds of customers will back us up passionately.  If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your purchase.