Why Are You Changing The Logo?

“I want to make our great tasting seasoning more relevant to everyone that enjoy's incredible flavor, that's we're changing the logo and label.”

Jake's Steak Seasoning Original Logo

[Original Label of Jake's Steak Seasoning]

Let me share with you a lesson I’ve learned. It’s something I figured out a long time ago. That is, it’s not always the best situation to be the smartest guy in the room. That I can learn by keeping my mouth shut and listening to others who are smarter and more intelligent than I am, especially about subjects that I am not an expert in!  So, when the topic turned to marketing and branding and expanding distribution and reaching today’s generation, I found myself just continuing to talk about how Jake’s is the best tasting seasoning, the ultimate flavor enhancer, how it’s the easiest way to make food taste amazing and about what it means to deliver a quality product and how much I enjoy seeing people happy and smiling. I saw the others in the room - they kind of smiled at me and listened politely, but I could see their view was the world was passing me by, at least as far as how people communicate today...

So not wanting to look like an idiot for any longer than I had to, I finally decided to shut up and listen to what they were saying. They all agreed that Jake’s was the best tasting seasoning they had tried, but they believed that there was a new way to reach the world at large.  So I wanted to try it their way!

I want to make our great tasting seasoning more relevant to everyone that enjoy's incredible flavor, that's we're changing the logo and label.

Jakes Seasoning Logo from 2000's

[The current label of Jake's "Steak" Seasoning]

My input was never much into labeling and branding and how we marketed my seasoning.  My priority and concern was that the taste and quality remain the same. That our loyal fans and customers are happy and blessed by the great flavor of Jake’s Seasoning. That they love doing business with our company and love what our brand stands for: quality, integrity, and most importantly - enjoying life with family and friends, making the most of every minute, being grateful for what we have and not worrying about what we don’t.

Jakes Seasoning New Logo Options

[New logo design options for Jake's Seasoning]

So that’s why I hope you’ll join me with excitement and continue to support us as you have been doing over the years. It’s the same great product, just with new packaging.  We want to continue to spread joy by getting the great taste of Jake’s Seasoning on to more and more dinner tables. Our customers have always done that organically. Each and every one of them are our friends and we appreciate the fact that all of you have been verbal outgoing brand ambassadors for us since the beginning. And one thing about me is I don’t forget who my friends are… Ever!

Write us or leave a comment and let us know what you think!

God bless,


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